Customer & Client Care

Client Care and Customer Satisfaction are a top priority for Fitzgerald Contractors, as well as the delivery and performance of the team to ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget.

Understanding our Clients

It is a major driver for us to provide a quality service, we need to take time to understand our clients organisation, principal drivers and aspirations. Every member of our team working with our Clients understand their aspirations and targets and will help to realise them.

Collaborative Working

We apply a collaborative approach across all aspects of our delivery, working closely with professionals and our supply chain to reduce waste and improve delivery and value for money. Through collaborative working, we have been able to realise significant cashable and non-cashable benefits for our public and private sector clients.

Innovative Design

We welcome the opportunity to work with you at the earliest opportunity to ensure buildability, sustainability, whole life costs, MMC and other innovation is maximised. Innovative design isn’t just about looking at the aesthetics of the project, but the components, transportation to site and innovative ways of reducing CO2.

Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping is now adopted across all of our operations to ensure areas of duplication, inefficiencies and bottlenecks are identified and their impact quantified. By applying lean principals, an improved process is defined to eliminate waste.