Fitzgerald Contractors Moves to Employee Ownership

We are delighted to announce that with effect from 21st February 2022 the ownership of Fitzgerald Contractors has transferred into an Employee Ownership Trust.

Our Managing Director Nick Coley, who acquired the business from Bouygues UK in 2013, has completed the transaction which means that Fitzgerald employees now own 100% of the business.

Managing Director Nick Coley and the existing Board of Directors will remain in place in their current roles, with employee ownership providing greater opportunities for staff to influence business decisions through the formation of an employee council.

Nick Coley said: ‘We consider that an Employee Ownership Trust model is ideally suited to Fitzgerald’s philosophy and the thinking behind employee ownership has businesses exactly like ours in mind. This is a very exciting stage in the company’s history and safeguards Fitzgerald’s future for the benefit of all employees.’

The transition to employee ownership acknowledges the hard work and efforts of all over many years and gives all employees an opportunity to share in our continuing success. The employee ownership route will allow us to provide greater opportunities for succession from within the internal management team over the coming years – an ethos that has been encouraged and served us well in recent times.