Eastside Locks Highways Remodelling

Eastside Locks Highways Remodelling

The Eastside Locks project was delivered on behalf of Kier as part of the first phase of a wider redevelopment scheme. The works consisted of the construction of a new foul and surface water drainage system and realigning the highway to facilitate access to a number of future planned developments. Public realm works include the laying of 1200m2 of granite and paving and 600m of granite kerbs.

During the project a number of significant variations were introduced for completion alongside the main works, these included additional hard landscaping to an additional development, as well as providing the civil engineering works to facilitate a significant auger bore under the existing 24″ water main. Despite the additional works being instructed at a relatively late stage they were carried out with minimal disruption to the main works and alongside the original contract works.

Michael Smith, Managing Director of Landscape Architects Macgregor Smith Limited wrote to commend the project:

‘I am most impressed with the quality of contractor management and construction finish on the project. The finishes are some of the best that I have seen for some time and I would like to commend the Kier and Fitzgerald team.’

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